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General Info & Our No BS Policy

Appointments & Location

Our "underground showroom" is located in an industrial park in North Hollywood near the corner of Vineland and Vanowen, right around the corner from the Burbank airport. It's basically a large room in a giant warehouse, which is usually locked and often armed. Therefore, we have to work on an "appointment-only" basis so we will know when to expect you. This is why we don't actually post the address on the website. BUT, if you simply drop us an e-mail, we will get right back to you with a phone number and address pronto!


Mostly "Cash Only" - Due to the nature of our acquisitions and the arrangement we have with our clients, this is mainly a cash-only operation. However, if you really need to use a credit card to make a purchase happen, let us know and we can often make it fly through our PayPal account. No checks, please.

Sold "As Is"

As with any used gear purchase, everything we sell has to be sold "as is." In return, you will find us to be completely transparent with you regarding any potential issues there may be with anything we sell. Also, when possible, we insist that you make every effort to actually test out anything that you buy from us, just so we are all on the same page with regard to the condition and workability of the gear. As a general practice, we test everything out first. But we want you to test it, as well. And while we are not set up for returns, if something unexpected happens to your gear, we will make every effort to make things right, as best we can.

Selling/Consigning Gear to Us

We love all kinds of gear and are open to expanding our inventory with pretty much anything we think we can move. So if you have some gear you want to sell, drop us an e-mail with as much info as possible: brand, model, condition, any issues, photos (if available), etc. From there, we will either make a cash offer, and/or invite you to consign the gear to us. In some cases, we can even arrange to come and pick up the gear from you!

Cash deals - These are pretty straightforward. We agree on a price, then upon inspection of the gear, we hand you the cash.

Consignment - Upon inspection of the gear, we define what percentage of the sale price we would retain for each item, and you let us know your "best case" and "at the very least" retail prices you're looking for per piece. From there, we clean, test and shoot the gear (sometimes even using video), add it to our website master list, get it posted on Craigslist (and sometimes eBay), often include it in our mailing list e-alerts, respond to all inquiries, arrange for appointments, and basically handle all aspects of the prep, marketing and sale of the gear. Once the item moves, we let you know, and you can come on down and grab your cash.

Out-of Town Buyers

Yes, we ship and are happy to accommodate our national and international buyers. We typically use Fed-Ex Ground for all domestic orders and Priority International for all others. If you see something you want, just drop us an e-mail with your shipping address and we'll get right back to you with shipping costs and a grand total amount. From there, you would remit payment via our PayPal account and we'll get the package on the way to you within 24 hours of payment receipt.

We take pride in our packing procedures and usually go a little overboard with all of the protective measures we go through to ensure that your gear gets to you safely. However, in the rare event that something gets damaged en route, let us know asap so we can address the issue with our carrier and remedy the situation as quickly as possible. (We take out insurance on all of our packages, but have to abide by their time limits for reimbursement and/or return shipping arrangements.) Please hang on to all of the original shipping materials until you've had a chance to test out the gear.

We Truly Appreciate Your Business!

We understand you have many choices on where to buy gear, and we appreciate the opportunity to put together a smokin' deal for you. We also believe that a business like ours cannot exist these days without happy customers and stellar word-of-mouth, so we will always do our best to make sure you have a great experience working with us. We look forward to earning your business and being your "first call" resource for killer used gear!

Thanks for checking us out -
The Rock Man


If you have any questions, or if you would like to arrange for purchase and pick-up,
e-mail us at for a quick response.

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